Personalized Products

Organized into categories, choose from hundreds of dye sublimated items.  FYI: Dye sublimation involves using specialty inks with specialty printers and specialty papers.  Together, these inks on these papers, when heated with a Heat Press, alter the inks to a gaseous state. This gas then permeates into the "substrate" and literally becomes a part of the substrate. If you haven't seen and felt a dye sublimated substrate, YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT.  The brilliance of the colors is fantastic and the effects are magical...especially in the area of photo sublimation. This has been a moment of science by the squirrels. Enjoy our love for the process.

Gift Bundles

We squirrels have done some of the hard thinking for you. WE KNOW we have a ton of fabulous items and trying to decide on just the right ones can be daunting. Folks end up wanting them all...not that we are complaining. But if you have a special occasion or a special someone you are trying to put a gift together for, our Gift Bundles department is just the place for you. Choose from SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE bundles in various themes and we will put together that prefect package of personalized pleasantry in the colors of your choice. As always, peruse and then contact us to get the nut rolling. 

Apparel Like None Other

Dye sublimation is our go-to process, and it requires a polyester-based, light-in-color fabric. When our clients desire dark shirts or different fabrics, we use a heat transfer low-hand Siser vinyl for their apparel pieces. Also, we are experts at blinging any fabric any color with the highest quality hot-fix rhinestones. We do NOT do screenprinting in-house; but CAN acquire screenpriniting out-of-house in discounted bulk. We take pride in the fact that we avoid standard scratchy, shrinkable shirts. Solar Wear; Moisture Wicking; Performance Fabrics; Polyesters with the feel of cotton...these are the fabrics we choose to use.  And if you're into the outdoors - from fishing to bull riding - we have a line of dye sublimatable apparel that will leave others coveting your attire.

Cards by Deborah Kay

You know when squirrels sound like they're barking at you. Well. Hear that sound now as the squirrels yell, "STOP BUYING GENERIC CARDS." Hand-scrapped cards are about as personal of a card as a card can get. Cards by Deborah Kay is a line of themed, your-color cards designed with layers, embossing,, intricate hand-piecing, and are primped with detail. They are available as individual cards or available in sets. We squirrels are always befuddled when folks will spend more for a generic department store card than a hand-scrapped card. Please don't make the squirrels bark. It exhausts the poor critters.

That FABULOUS Czech Jewelry by the Kristina Collection

We here at Squirrel Squared BIZ make everything ourselves, one item at a time, EXCEPT for our line of Czech Jewels. Our Czech Jewelry is handmade in the USA by the KRISTINA COLLECTION. As an authorized distributor, we proudly offer them to our customers because how could we not. Our owner, Nancy Cranmer bought her first necklace from a sa-weet boutique on Anna Maria Island and instantly fell in love with everything about it. "I get compliments all the time," Nancy says. "When I go to trade shows, our Czech Jewelry is such a hit. How can I NOT offer them to my customers. We are all about unique, after all."

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