My name is Nancy Okunami.  I am the Owner and Creative behind Squirrel Squared.  With a name like this, (based upon a spontaneous math lesson, some years back, where I explained to my struggling daughter that the square root of squirrel squared was simply one squirrel, being different than a power to the squirrel.) it became clear that I needed to unbridle some of the creativity trapped in my brain. My words leapt at me as the perfect name for my expanding business.  Memorable... Different...  Exactly the kind of name that linked my creativity to the elusive concept of actual customer service and one-of-a-kind design services.  (Work with me once and you'll see what I mean.)


My business is located in Liberty Hill, TX - a quaint community with loyal repeat customers who honor me with word-of-mouth referrals and excellent reviews.  This has expanded my business beyond local delivery and curbside to national, flat rate shipping within the Continental U.S.  So thank you for faithfully feeding the squirrels.

I pride myself on being able to hone in on my customers design-wants, etc. based on a few emails or a simple phone conversation.  I enjoy the process of offering up product/gift ideas, designing and revising upon demand quickly and efficiently, then hand-producing every item that leaves my door. 


100% satisfaction is GUARANTEED.


I do NOT charge setup or design fees, no order is too big or too small, and bulk pricing is available upon request to ANY individual or group. 


So...Contact me personally and let's get the squirrels working for you.  Numerous photo gallery shots will give you an idea of the quality of my work; STARTING IN 2022, products are being added to my Online Store; and don't forget to gander my Full Catalog to see many more items not yet posted on my website.  Think of me as your own personal squirrel capable of reading minds and adept at putting anything on anything.


Nancy Okunami

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